I'm 23, straight edge, love music and reading, an EMT and EMD, I think ginger girls are super attractive, and yeah

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"Americana. Rock and Roll. There’s a healthy dash of both of these in the 5 individuals photographed separately for this #JG365Project post. A few days back, I used an entire band shot of Anberlin, so for this post, likely my final shot of these 5 individuals for quite some time, I wanted to simplify. Individual portraits with an American Flag backdrop, taken just outside the tour bus. Why the Flag? If you’ve ever seen their imagery, it always embodies an American icon style of photography. Last year, they released a song entitled •Dead American•, which is what inspired the black and white tones and the grunge layer added in post. This is meant to be a bit raw and I hope I captured that in this post. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to posting photos of whoever comes into my life, but for today, I had one last chance to do something fun for my friends and I went with it."

-Jake G (jakegravbrot on instagram)